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Conditions of booking for guests


Management reserve the right to alter, change or update the business - seatonhall - and its web site at any time. Details, prices, terms are subject to change.

1. Seaton Hall refers to and includes properties known as Seaton Hall, Seaton Court, Seaton Cottage, the park, stream, ponds, drive, woodlands, farm and gardens. The laws of England and Wales shall apply.

2. Reservations and payments - Bank transfer payments are preferred. Cheques should be made payable to ‘Seaton Hall’. A deposit of at least 30 per cent is required unless a special offer has been agreed when the deposit may increase to 50 per cent. The balance of the sum due under the booking should be paid at least 8 weeks prior to arrival unless the booking is at short notice in which case the total must be sent before arrival. Debit & Credit Card Payments are subject to a 2 per cent handling charge via our merchant terminal. remaining part of sentence deleted.

3. ‘Party Leader’ the person making the booking for a group will be regarded as the hirer or party leader. This person will become responsible for ensuring the accommodation is left as found in clean and tidy condition and that any damage or breakages have been reported and logged by the owner and any compensation to the value of the breakage paid.

4. Guests may arrive after 3.30pm on the day of arrival but occassionally the cleaners may still be there - if so they will show you round and leave as soon as possible after that. The door key is in the key safe - code provided at time of booking - by the main entrance of the relevant property. Departure should be no later than 10.00am on that day.

5. The accommodation is strictly no smoking anywhere. Guests may smoke outside if they wish and cigarette butts must be safely disposed of.

6. Rubbish removal - following recent changes in collection by the local authority guests are asked to sort their rubbish into glass, paper, plastic packaging etc, food waste in separate containers. Bottles should be disposed of by guests in the local bottle banks. If large or unacceptable quantities of rubbish are left the owner reserves the right to ask that the guest remove this from the property and dispose of it in an environmentally approved and safe way.

7. The guest numbers must not exceed the number pre – booked and confirmed including children. None resident guests should be notified to the owner who reserves the right to refuse excessive numbers.

8. Nothing shall be taken from the accommodation during your stay.

9. Pets are not allowed unless notified and agreed by the owner subject to agreed terms and conditions.

10. Care must be taken to avoid inconvenience or disturbance to neighbours.

11. Please do not upset farm or domestic animals and observe the Country Code.

12. Seaton Hall has a programme of continuous improvement where that is deemed possible and desirable and we reserve the right to vary the accommodation decor or furniture to suit this policy.

13. Gardens and buildings may be unavailable at certain times of the year or closed due to special or unexpected needs or health and safety requirements. The remaining courtyard buildings are being rebuilt during 2015 - 2018 - works will only usually be in progress during week days 9 - 4 but not usually when guests are staying.

15. The owner has no responsibility for the loss or damage to guest's possessions and property.

16. Vehicles should be parked in the car park provided and any closer access to buildings other than that is to facilitate loading and unloading only.

17. Health and safety issues are of paramount importance during your stay. The party leader is regarded as the common point of contact for these issues he must pass on any information given to other guests. Guests should be aware that farm and domestic animals should not be handled or fed – feeding ruminants for example with bread or other matter they cannot digest could cause death to that animal. Ponies are often on a strict minimum diet due to laminitis risk. All animals are capable of biting and handling may give rise to unexpected and unwelcome behaviour by animals.

18. Highland cattle can be dangerous when breeding and contact should be avoided.

19. Goats while usually very friendly and harmless may become more aggressive during breeding.

20. Fences must not be climbed, access to fields and along walks is via gates only and these should be left closed and secure. Barbed wire can cause severe injuries to walkers climbing over this.

21. Water features under our control such as streams and ponds are fenced off as far as possible but children should be under control at all times. Where these are not fenced off due for example to land contours or are breached every care should be taken to avoid accidents and children should be kept away from these areas.

22. Wild, garden fruit and flowers must not be picked.

23. Our guests health and well being is essential, if you have any allergies, special requirements or dietary issues please inform us immediately on booking a function, event or holiday. Seaton Hall staff need time to prepare & failure to do so could result in booking cancellation.

24. Cancellation - deposits are forfeit in the event of cancellation at any time. If the booking is cancelled after 4 months ahead of the booking balances due are still the responsibility of the person making the booking. Waiver of liability for the balance if cancelled four months prior to the booking date is at our discretion when and if for example a replacement booking to the same value or more can be made. In the case of any reductions from the normal tariff the difference may at our discretion be deducted from waiver of balance due.

25 Management reserve the right to close any areas down of the grounds and facility or suspend a reservation due to administration issues, emergency repair, lack of facility, damage & acts of god. The business reserves the right to refuse any booking and also cancel any booking already made, if in its absolute discretion it considers this to be necessary. Where a booking is cancelled by the Company, it will make every effort to offer an alternative holiday at no increase in cost and if the Hirer does not accept the alternative holiday offered, the Business will return to the Hirer the deposit paid and any other sum paid to the Business by the Hirer and liability for all consequential loss, damage and disappointment is accordingly limited to such return.

26. We reserve the right to make changes or corrections, alter, suspend or discontinue any aspect of the Website, the content or services or products available through it, including your access to it. Unless explicitly stated to the contrary, any new features including new content, our provision of new products or services, or resources shall be subject to these terms and conditions.

27. The contract shall not be confirmed until written acknowledgement is sent via letter or E mail. The business will not be liable in the event of any error or deletion of electronic mail for its notification to fail to arrive or failure of electronic mail from the hirer to arrive.


Pendulum Gardens

The Pendulum Gardens are based on idea from a poem of that name by the late Winifred Kidd. The site of Seaton Hall back to pre Roman times will have been home and work place to hundreds, if not thousands, of people whose souls once walked round the land now occupied by the garden.


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